RC-202 Demo Data

This is the factory preset data of the demo data. You can initialize the phrase memory of the RC-202 to the factory preset demo data by copying the WAV files included in this data to it.

What you will need to recover your RC-202
  • RC-202
  • USB cable (It must be compatible with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed.)
  • A computer with a USB connector (Windows, Mac OS X)

Getting the recover files
Please open/extract the downloaded “” file on your computer to get the recover files in the “rc202_demo_data” folder.

Restoring the demo phrases to your RC-202
* Performing this operation will erase all phrase memories that are currently saved in the RC-202. Be sure to make a backup before you proceed. (Refer to the "Backing up to your computer" of the owner's manual.)
* Put off one WAV file in the each folder "0XX_Y" in the folder "ROLAND" - "WAVE." (The XX in "0XX_Y" is the phrase memory number and the Y is the track number.)
* You must not do the following operations on restoring. Doing so might make your computer freeze, or might result in the loss of all of the RC-202's data.
  • Turn off the RC-202's power.
  • Disconnect the USB cable.
  • Allow your computer to enter suspend (standby) or hibernate mode, restart it, or shut it down.

  1. Set the USB mode to USB Mass Storage before you connect the RC-202 to your computer.
    Refer to the "Using USB to Exchange Files with Your Computer (USB Mass Storage)" of the owner's manual.
    1. Press the [ SETUP ] ( EXIT ) button.
    2. Press the [ SLICER ] ( USB ) button.
    3. Press the [ VALUE ] knob to select "MD."
    4. Turn the [ VALUE ] knob to select "msg."
    5. Press the [ SETUP ] ( EXIT ) button.
  2. Use an USB cable to connect the RC-202's USB connector to your computer's USB connector (a connector that supports USB 2.0 Hi-Speed).
    When the connection to the computer is completed, the message "..." appears.
    * You can't make USB connections if the RC-202 is not stopped, or if there is a phrase that has not been saved
  3. Back up the data as described below.
    [ Windows users ]
    Within My Computer (or Computer), open "BOSS_RC-202" (or Removable Disk).
    [ Mac OS X users ]
    On the desktop, open the "BOSS_RC-202" icon.

    Recovering demo data from your computer to the RC-202
    In the BOSS_RC-202 drive, delete the "ROLAND" folder, and then copy the "ROLAND" folder in the "rc202_demo_data" folder from your computer to the BOSS_RC-202 drive.

    Writing individual WAV files from your computer to the RC-202's phrase memory
    You can copy WAV files from your computer to the "001_1", "001_2" - "064_1", "064_2" folders within the "ROLAND" - "WAVE" folder in the BOSS_RC-202 drive (In the folder name "0XX_Y," the XX is the phrase memory number and the Y is the track number).
  4. When you've finished copying WAV files, disconnect the USB drive as follows.
    [ Windows users ]
    Right-click on the "BOSS_RC-202" icon in My Computer (or the "Removable Disk (*:)" icon) and execute "Eject."
    [ Mac OS X users ]
    Drag the "BOSS_RC-202" icon to the trash ("Eject" icon).
  5. Press the [ SETUP ] ( EXIT ) button of the RC-202.
    The display indicates "W/E."